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This book comes with
1. Seven sets of flash words.
2. Stories for each lesson.
3. Three poems to be recited/sing along
4. Suggested development of lessons to cover the first section of the syllabus.

Flash words
The children will not be able to read these words without help but if they are  displayed and
discussed, it will help them to recognize these
words. In this manner children will be familiar with the words they now find in their kitaabs. Many
may be able to match the words and this will boost their confidence.

Remember the flash cards are written in the same typeface as those in the kitaab.
Remember that the children are only learning to read and write thus all questioning must be done orally.

Period 1:
Children love stories so begin with the story of Bilal keeping in mind its relevance to the topic i.e. Oneness of Allah. (stress the oneness of Allah).

Pupil activity:
Color in the words - Tawheed, oneness of Allah.

Period 2:
Always do revision before proceeding with new work.
Teach points 1, 2 & 3. Introduce flash cards with relevant words if available, if not write out the words on the board in the same type face.

Period 3:
Teach points 4, 5 & 6
Introduce relevant flash words

Period 4:
Teach points 7, 8, 9 & 10
Where appropriate, include the poem
* remember to clarify any difficult words that you think the child may  have.

Period 5:
Read the story again and ask children
E.g. - Who do we believe in?
- Allah is ..........
- Does Allah have any parents etc.
Continue with poem

Color in activity: